BREAD – I loaf you & I knead you

Calling all Cape Town based bread lovers. I thought it was about time I shared my 3 favourite spots to grab a carb lovers delight – fresh bread and bagels.

New York Bagel

New York Bagel is situated on the corner of Harrington Street and Albertus Street in Zonnebloem. They serve a selection of breakfast, vegetarian, meat and even fish filled bagels that are simply to die for. This quaint spot offers top quality food that is exceptionally tasty, uncomplicated and well thought out.


Giovanni’s has fast become my #1 guilty pleasure!! I crave their bagels and kitka rolls on a weekly basis. Kitka rolls are braided breads that have a hint of a sweet flavour, and a very soft texture. They are amazing. At Giovanni’s, you can choose a bread of your choice from their wide selection and then go wild with the assortment of toppings on offer. It really feels like you enter Europe when you visit this treat of a spot in Sea Point.


Last, but not least, Melt Cafe on Long Street deserves a mention. This shop is dedicated to toasted sandwiches. I mean, what more do you want? I firmly believe that a toasted cheese must be the most underrated meal around. These Cheesy Melts are out of this world and should be on the top of everyone’s “must try” list!


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