Meet Georgie

Georgie Buchanan is January’s Flavour of the Month! She is a vibrant, beautiful, young lady living in Cape Town with a knack for making the most exquisite cakes.
Meet the Flavour
Hi, I am Georgie Buchanan. Tired of the Law library at UCT, I embarked on a short baking course including cake decorating. I fell in love with creating beautiful cakes out of the simplest of things and started my very own business called Let Them Eat Cake! It is so rewarding to not only pursue my passion, but to do it with people who delight in what I have created. I come from a foodie family where everyone adores cooking and food.
What is your all time favourite thing to eat?

My all time favourite thing to eat is sushi!

Who is your foodie inspiration?

My foodie inspiration would be my mom. She owns Annalize Catering and built it up into an incredible empire. She has also helped so many people by bringing them into her warm, loving kitchen which is like a safe haven to many. I have never met anyone as passionate about what they do and who works tirelessly to achieve perfection.

Where is your go-to restaurant and why?

My go-to restaurant would be Live Bait in Kalk Bay. Besides the fact that it overlooks the ocean and a beautiful harbour, both of which I love, the food is simple and it’s able to maintain the warmth of home-cooked comfort food, whilst still being delicious. It’s also a very special  place for my family.


Let Them Eat Cake 


Georgie created the most exquisite wedding cake I have ever seen. Have a look at her website and get involved! You will not be disappointed!

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