Sushi… What’s the Fuss?

For a long time I was the girl who didn’t understand what all the hype around sushi was about. I mean really – Sushi…what’s the fuss?

I was convinced it was just not for me and that I would never be a sushi-eater. Everyone said: Eat it once, you may not be convinced. Eat it twice, and you’ll never look back. So, I ate it a couple of times, and nothing. That sushi craving just did not bite (no pun intended).

After being indifferent for a while, I figured sushi just wasn’t my thing. However, I still went for sushi dinners with the girls, because who really wants to be the inconvenient one?  It was during this time that I discovered deep fried sushi, also known as Tempura. Now that got me hooked (one pun too many maybe?).

Tempura kick started my love for sushi and now my dinner dates consist of sushi more than any other meal. I just cannot get enough and I fully understand the fuss. It is just simply delicious.

If you are a lover of all things sushi and feel the effect on your bank account, then here are a few of my favourite go-to places in Cape Town that don’t break the bank, and still offer top quality:

  1. Sushi Box
  2. Nuri 
  3. Beluga

Happy Eating 😀


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